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Virtua Story

Who we are

Virtua Engineering is a privately owned Australian Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls Engineering and Design Services group. Established in 2020 and with over 80 years of experience we are committed to complimenting and extending our client’s talent pool by virtually connecting their opportunities with our solution driven teams. We advise, design, engineer, implement and support our customers within the oil and gas, energy, utility, petrochemical, manufacturing, and industrial sectors.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an agile and dynamic engineering group committed to delivering safe, operable,  and maintainable solutions for our customers.

Our Values

“To promote safe, operable and maintainable design solutions.”

“To provide sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost effective options for our customers.”

“To promote ideas, collaboration, and innovation with and for our design partners.”

“To remain agile and dynamic and a leader in the changing service delivery world.”

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