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Engineering & Design


From specifying a single instrument to producing a complete design package, our team can do it all. Our experience in putting together full construction workpacks, which include datasheets, wiring drawings and field installation aids is extensive, even extending to creating inspection and test records, to take the design right up to mechanical completion. With the capability to work in with the client’s drawing system or utilise our own. Our focus is on minimizing duplication of information.


Our experience is broad and ranges from LV and HV power generation, distribution and full electrical balance of plant designs. We can help you with protection studies, power system analysis, switchgear and drive specifications, lighting design and plant optimization strategies. If required we can be your advisor in practical and compliant hazardous area equipment design.   We partner with customers to put together fit for purpose, safe to execute and compliant packages.

Control Systems

Whether it’s shoebox PLC’s, large scale DCS’s or TMR systems, hardware or software, our systems engineers are capable to deal with any modifications. Some companies document their logic, others rely on control narratives to manage changes, whatever your method, we can adopt it.

Telecommunication Systems

Experienced in microwave and radio frequency communications to support process or base business needs.

Drafting Services

Specialising in 2D CAD, INtools and Aveva, we can either fit in with your system or provide our own. Our capabilities extend from designing from scratch to as-building an existing facility.  Our focus is on minimizing duplication of information.


We know that different industries demand different levels of documentation, from basic documentation to meet Operation and Maintenance needs, to more complex cases where demonstrating compliance is required.

Hazardous Areas

Hazardous Area Compliance is easy to over engineer and even easier to spend valuable time and money to maintain. While regulations dictate the minimum level of documentation and inspection, we can provide guidance on the best way to implement a system to best fit into your company, so during an audit, all information and evidence is close at hand. Whether by the “source of release” method or a “generalised” approach, we have years of practical experience in design, procurement, installation, inspection and on-going maintenance of HA equipment and the respective documentation and calculations. 

Functional Safety

When it comes to your process and taking all reasonable steps to provide and maintain a safe working environment, implementing the principles of Functional Safety is a must, even for existing systems. We’re skilled in all aspects of the Functional Safety Lifecycle. Whether it’s creating Systems Requirements Specifications or performing SIL verification calculations our team can do it all.

Standardising Design

Company Standards facilitate consistency of design, which is key to maintaining a measurable level of safety and performance. In addition to this, they can capture tried and tested field and operating knowledge which can be incorporated into future projects or modifications. Our team of engineers and designers have years of experience in developing, utilising and enhancing Instrumentation, Electrical and Control System design standards in range of different industries. 

Documents for Operation

Critical Function Test Procedures, Maintenance Procedures, Input to Inventory Management Systems, Manufacturer databook compilation, Hazardous Area Dossier input or compilation, Training documentation and presentations, Execution Strategies, Isolation Plans.



Whether it’s Commissioning Procedures, Installation and Test Records, Completion Management Systems or simply execution on site, we have what it takes to draw your project to a conclusion.

Software Development

Software Development

Wake Frequency App for iOS

IS Calculations App for iOS

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